OHM Advisors
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Holistic OHM Advisors

One of our long time clients called OHM Advisors a “one stop solution.” That’s our goal. We're great project managers, but we think like advisors. Our clients appreciate our long-term collaboration and holistic approach. They expect us to apply our public and private experience and multidisciplinary insights to advise them on everything land, water and building related. And we love doing it.

What does that look like? It could involve capital improvement planning, strategic workforce restructuring, funding sourcing and administration, and community redevelopment. And our goal is always sustainability.

Sustainability Redefined

Synonymous with environmental preservation, sustainability is hardly a new concept. But at OHM Advisors, we think it’s more than just green buildings or practices.


It’s holistic.


It’s all things land, water, and building related working together in support of thriving communities. When these things are in balance – the natural and the built environment, the aesthetics and the economics of a place – communities are sustainable. And that’s what’s important to us.